WRESTLE KINGDOM 16 Prediction Promotional Campaign

Let us know your WRESTLE KINGDOM 16 predictions on Twitter and you could win a special commemorative towel!


How to take part:
Use the button for each WRESTLE KINGDOM 16 event to post your predictions on Twitter!

Get every prediction for an event correct and you will be entered into a draw. Three winner for each event (9 in total for the tournament) will receive a WRESTLE KINGDOM 16 commemorative towel!

Deadline for entries
Predictions for each event must be posted before the event starts. Tweet after the event starts and your entry won't count, so be careful!

Conditions for Eligibility
You must be able to receive Direct Messages from NJPW’s Japanese (@njpw1972) and English (@njpwglobal) accounts to enter. You must also live in an area that can receive goods sent from Japan.

Terms and conditions
(1)One entry per card per Twitter account.
(2)Any data access fees associated with accessing the campaign website or this campaign are the entrant's responsibility.
(3)Depending on the network environment of the applicant's device, accessing/entering the campaign may not display properly.
(4)If the winner's shipping address is not given, or a response is not received to coordinate shipping, and the prize cannot be delivered, then the winner will be disqualified and their prize will become invalid.
(5)Winner's rights and prizes cannot be transferred or converted into currency.
(6)Entry is not open to employees of New Japan Pro-Wrestling or any affiliates.

Privacy Policy
Any personal information provided by winners will be used only for the shipment of prizes. New Japan Pro-Wrestling will not disclose/provide customer personal information to third parties or others without the consent of said customer (unless requested to do so by law, etc.). You can view our company's full privacy policy here: https://www.njpw1972.com/privacy/

In the event that a dispute arises between the applicant and a third party concerning the application to this campaign, the dispute shall be solved by the responsibility and cost of the applicant.
New Japan Pro-Wrestling reserves the right to claim appropriate restitution from the applicable entity in the event of any damages dealt to the company.

(1)This campaign utilizes Twitter. New Japan Pro-Wrestling is not responsible for the content and potential issues associated with user's Twitter accounts.
(2)New Japan Pro-Wrestling is not responsible for any damages caused in the use of this campaign site (including server issues with Twitter or other applications, etc).
(3)If it has been judged that the applicant has violated the terms and conditions of this campaign, New Japan Pro-Wrestling reserves the right to take measures deemed necessary. New Japan Pro-Wrestling does not assume any responsibility for damage suffered by the user in this case.